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Overcome the fear of unknown 1 simple step

Uncertainty is a part of our life. Today, for some of us even more than ever before in our lives.
It’s a great ability, a crucial skill to be able to handle the unknown.

It’s never actually fear of the unknown or uncertainty; it is more about diving deep and figuring out the underlying fears.

One way to do it is through self-reflection: diving deep…
What is holding me back and why? Pay attention to my thoughts every moment.
Why do I have these fears?

Figuring out the voice, the source of our fear.
If we can give it a voice, if we can recognize our fear, that is a great step.
If we can’t figure out the source, that is okay as well.

The next simple step:
Ask: Is it true?
Is my fear based on reality or made up in my mind?

If they are not true: let them go
If they are true:
What can you do?
What do we do about our fear? What can we do to overcome it? What steps are we making every day?

0:00 Title, quote
0:13 Intro
0:50 Dive deep into our fears / Self-reflection
3:10 One simple step – overcome our fear
3:58 Fear of not good enough
6:38 Process
7:19 Summary


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