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Author: andras@kapros.hu

Coaching FAQ – Frequently asked questions about coaching

What is coaching? (the definition is based on the one from the International Coach Federation) Coaching is partnering with clients through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential. Coaching is usually focused on one specific area (business, career, relationships), or a deeper level i.e. relationships: focus on understanding emotion in others and ourselves, business: focus on...

Success Mindset Minutes Intro – Are you in the 1 percent? – Video

Welcome to my new Youtube video series!
I’ll be publishing one actionable video every weekday!

The goal is to share a piece of knowledge and a tool to apply the knowledge: take action.
The topics will be around success mindset, how to focus, overcome self-limiting beliefs, essentialism, and increase efficiency, tabu topics: failures, bad days, depression!

Overcome the fear of unknown 1 simple step

Uncertainty is a part of our life. Today, for some of us even more than ever before in our lives.
It’s a great ability, a crucial skill to be able to handle the unknown.

It’s never actually fear of the unknown or uncertainty; it is more about diving deep and figuring out the underlying fears.

One way to do it is through self-reflection: diving deep…
What is holding me back and why? Pay attention to my thoughts every moment.
Why do I have these fears?

Learnings from the Getting Things Done method (after 2 years) ✅ + video + article

✅ This book had the biggest impact on my life until now:
Getting Things Done by David Allen

Today, I’m sharing the most important lessons after using the Getting Things Done method for two years.

Lessons from the book:
1 It inspires to define your vision
The book explains horizons to help you to define your life purpose as well your vision / plan for the next 3-5 years, 1-2 years, few months, now.
Having a clear vision helps you to really focus your efforts and only work on those things that are important for your long-term vision and ignore or do less of those other things