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Coaching FAQ – Frequently asked questions about coaching

What is coaching? (the definition is based on the one from the International Coach Federation) Coaching is partnering with clients through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential. Coaching is usually focused on one specific area (business, career, relationships), or a deeper level i.e. relationships: focus on understanding emotion in others and ourselves, business: focus on...

Review of my 2018, plans for 2019

In this post I’ll share the review of my 2018, the things which I’ve learnt, the things which I’ve struggled with and the plans for 2019.

Achivements list 2018

  • I’ve built my relationship with my girlfriend to make it even stronger
  • I’ve inspired a friend to lose weight and eat more healthy food
  • I’ve ispired people to be more mindful and shared another point of view
  • I’ve created my vision and every day I get closer to it
  • I got a life coach and learned countless things from him
  • I’ve started working 80% instead of 100% (meaning I don’t work on Mondays) in February
  • I’ve written and published my first book
  • I’ve restarted my blog and blog consistently (32+ posts, 14 pages, 15+ newsletters, countless social media posts)
  • I meditate every day since 12th of May
  • I’m a vegetarian and doing intermittent fasting since 5th of December
  • I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning: reading books, listening to podcasts, audiobooks, watching videos and courses, attending meetups
  • I’ve collected way too many ideas to implement, now they are in incubator status and developing further
  • I’ve spent more time with my family
  • I’ve learnt many things from many people