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Entrepreneur Mindset

Success Mindset Minutes Intro – Are you in the 1 percent? – Video

Welcome to my new Youtube video series!
I’ll be publishing one actionable video every weekday!

The goal is to share a piece of knowledge and a tool to apply the knowledge: take action.
The topics will be around success mindset, how to focus, overcome self-limiting beliefs, essentialism, and increase efficiency, tabu topics: failures, bad days, depression!

Overcome the fear of unknown 1 simple step

Uncertainty is a part of our life. Today, for some of us even more than ever before in our lives.
It’s a great ability, a crucial skill to be able to handle the unknown.

It’s never actually fear of the unknown or uncertainty; it is more about diving deep and figuring out the underlying fears.

One way to do it is through self-reflection: diving deep…
What is holding me back and why? Pay attention to my thoughts every moment.
Why do I have these fears?

Learnings from the Getting Things Done method (after 2 years) ✅ + video + article

✅ This book had the biggest impact on my life until now:
Getting Things Done by David Allen

Today, I’m sharing the most important lessons after using the Getting Things Done method for two years.

Lessons from the book:
1 It inspires to define your vision
The book explains horizons to help you to define your life purpose as well your vision / plan for the next 3-5 years, 1-2 years, few months, now.
Having a clear vision helps you to really focus your efforts and only work on those things that are important for your long-term vision and ignore or do less of those other things

Overcoming self-sabotage (being stuck for a year)

I would like to share a personal story about my self-sabotage!
This is a topic which we usually don’t talk about. We only see successes and everybody living their best lives.

The truth is that we all face challenges. Sharing and discussing these is a great idea.
Make a close and deep connection with others! (Alain De Botton)

Check the video to hear my personal story: how and why was I stuck for a year and how I found the solution

How to use your brain efficiently video [analytical side vs creative side]

Today let’s talk about how both sides of our brain functions.What are the functions, details of each side and how could you make an improvement to strengthen your less dominant side.

Left side of the brain 📊🗓⏱Analysis, Planning, Numbers, Taking things apart, Details, Being efficient, Logic

Right side of the brain 🖌🖼🏝Colors, Emotions, Creativity, Shapes, New ideas, Big picture, Adventure, Playing