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How to feel better and have more energy?


I wanted to make a body cleansing day a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday when I would only eat vegetables and fruits and would only drink water. As I made huge amounts of salad, I have extended my cleansing period to three days. The result after three days: I had more energy, healthier feeling, less stress and better look. I plan to do a cleansing day in the future once every month or so. I recommend for you to try this out for one day. Doing it for three days is possible too, however a bit more challenging.

Über delicious Bircher Müesli recipe


I have to start with announcing that Bircher Müesli is über delicious! Oh, and it’s healthy too! Two birds, one stone. Bircher Müesli was invented around 1900 by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Brenner for his patients. He was born in Aarau which is about one hour driving from my apartment. He promoted eating at least 50% row food on a daily basis / 100% raw food for people with poor health. He was a pioneer in Europe thinking that food can be used to keep the body healthy rather than just satisfying hunger.
He was promoting early bedtime, physical training and garden work to his patients. Also each meal began with a small dish of Müesli. Patients had to skip alcohol, coffee, chocolate and tobacco while they were treated by him. He suggested sun bathing, cold showers and a harmony between people and nature.



The flow is a concept of the hungarian Milhály Csikszentmihályi. He interviewed many people about their jobs and everyday activities and ask them to write down about ten times a day what they are doing and how they are feeling. Some of the timing for the questions was random.
If you’ve ever felt like time is just flying by, you were probably in the state of flow. Flow is a highly focused state in which you focus on one topic and ignore everything else. Your task can be quite simple ie. there was a worker who had to put together parts as soon as possible, so the worker challenged himself to be as quick and efficient as possible. This way he was focused, he was in the flow and the enjoyed what he was doing.

How to improve your life and be happier 2.

Wake up early
This speaks for itself. You can get a lot more done in the morning hours. I wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 at 5:30. I’m a lot more productive before work and can get many things done in a short time. If you have to work later, you’ll have a time limit too, which will help you focus more.

Wake up early = go to bed early. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll hardly be really focused. I go to sleep around 22:00 – 22:30.

Sleeping is extremely important. Watch the following videos to find out why.

How to care more for the environment

If we all pay a bit more attention to our surroundings we’ll leave Earth in a better condition to our children.
In the past, I was working in a huge office building which had an open space plan. During most evenings all the lights were left switched on, even when nobody was nearby. I have two concerns here. Someone is leaving home knowing (or not checking if) they are the last one to leave and leaving the lights on. I’m quite sure nobody would leave the lights on at home. Yes, it does use electricity, so imagine that leaving them on in the office is a problem on a lot bigger scale. Also I,’m not quite sure why are there no smart ways to verify if the lights are still needed. Companies who own these office buildings would also benefit from these, as switching the unnecessary lights off would reduce electricity costs and maintenancse costs as well.
Don’t forget to unplug your devices if you leave for a vacation. Left chargers in the power outlet consume very little energy, however still a good idea to unplug. Also it’s better to unplug your TV or expensive hi-fi ystem in order to protect them more from lightning etc.

Shop from your local farm

Goal Help the environment by buying local products. Intro I’m quite lucky as I have a farm just about five minutes walk from my apartment. The farm has a big vending machine with vegetables, diaries and other products and it also has an automatic milk dispenser. Advantages It’s cheaper than buying from the shops It’s more fresh and higher quality I help the environment by skipping on...

How to improve your life and be happier 1.

You might think this sounds bullshit, however bear with me for a moment, as I’m talking from experience. You don’t have to take big steps at any time. Trying to make huge steps and stopping after two will take you nowhere. Taking small steps constantly will take you to the highest peaks. Set a goal. Break it down. Focus on the next step and go on. This is how you climb Mt. Everest.

How? I’ll list a few bigger topics which I started to do. Not all at the same time, however once I got the momentum things just followed, so I could say it was roughly a few weeks between I’ve started doing these. And I did it in this order, however that’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to go on a similar journey with me.

Organize yourself aka Getting things done
I had the getting things done (GTD) book by David Allen for a few months on the shelf when I decided, it’s time to read it. I wish I would have done it earlier, it would have saved me some from worry on how to get the dozens of projects and tasks done and how to organize them.
So what is this book about? Get things off your mind. It describes a way on how to organize your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and life goals. David estimates that it one needs about two years to fully implement GTD in her life. I think I can do better, however I have to tell you that I already had a similar system, so I just had to adapt it. I’m using GTD since two months and my life feel already a lot more organized, and I never forget anything. I might sound like someone who wants to sell the book, however I want to sell the idea.
Getting things done method

Pszichofitness – book review

This book is written by Emőke Bagdy, who is a Hungarian psychologist. I’ve actually listened to the audio book rather than read it. I usually don’t listen to audio books however this adds an extra layer of efficient communication and it was quite fun to listen to her while driving.
Goal of the book:
Have a clear understanding of stress, know how your mind and body functions and how to reduce / deal with stress.
So what is stress? Basically anything that you consider as stress. However as per definition stress is a reaction of your mind to some action where you can’t or don’t want to react in your preferred way. Simple example is that you don’t hit someone even when they said something rude.
Distress is the bad kind of stress, eustress is the good kind of stress. The good kind occurs when your work goals are aligned with your capacity and you set yourself to solve a problem. For a while you’ll feel stress, however soon you’ll think the situation though and you’ll see the steps to solve the problem. If you don’t see the steps, then you’ll know this thing will cause distress.