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How to express your love – Love languages


If you would tell me a couple of years ago that I will read a book titled like “the five love languages” probably I would have laughed and asked why? However I found this book in my room at my parent’s place in Hungary and took it with me one time to Switzerland to store there for a few months until one day. It’s a book from 1995, however still actual and it’s still being sold, I have seen it in a book store. I’ve read the book in a couple of days. It extended my view on romantic relationships and a bit on life generally. The book explains why most marriages fail after a while and couples give up and divorce. Divorce rate is extremely high in most countries of the world. The reason: misunderstanding. Communication fails. Most people don’t express their needs for their partner as they expect that the other’s now it exactly. They think that the other is exactly thinking and feeling like they do. This is not true. Once we’ve realised this, we can move on and figure out what the other really wants, instead of pushing our expectations or views onto her / him.

How to be immediately happier


There is a really simple yet important truth which can make you happier:

Don’t compare yourself to others.

The featured image shows a scene from the movie La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty) when the main character visits a gallery of someone, who has his photo taken by his father every day of his life.

Compare yourself with yesterday’s yourself. Why would you compare yourself with others in the first place? And who do you compare yourself with? More successful ones? How do you define success? How do you know if they are happy or fulfilled or anything about them? It makes no sense.

And why don’t you compare yourself with people who are less successful than you? Who have barely enough to eat, some have nothing. You always should be grateful for what you have. If you don’t wish for anything, you have arrived. Your life could be completely without stress. You’ll have more time as you will not chase useless goals. Focus on your useful and purposeful goals.

How can you help the environment by drinking coffee differently


Just imagine how many people drink takeaway coffee in your workplace, on the street, on public transportation, in a car etc. Let’s take a simple number:one million. Now imagine all the waste of these throwaway coffee cups made of paper and plastic. Did you imagine a huge hill? Chances are, you are right with your estimation on how big this pile is.

How to feel better and have more energy?


I wanted to make a body cleansing day a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday when I would only eat vegetables and fruits and would only drink water. As I made huge amounts of salad, I have extended my cleansing period to three days. The result after three days: I had more energy, healthier feeling, less stress and better look. I plan to do a cleansing day in the future once every month or so. I recommend for you to try this out for one day. Doing it for three days is possible too, however a bit more challenging.

Regular brainstorming is boring – generate more ideas with Scamper


Would you like to generate new ideas, ways to improve certain product, services or processes? Are you stuck with a problem in your life? The scamper tool might be just what you need. This is a way to develop many new ideas related to a specific product or problem you are facing.
SCAMPER was proposed by Alex Faickney Osborn in 1953, and was further developed by Bob Eberle in 1971 in his book; SCAMPER: Games for Imagination Development.