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How to be immediately happier


There is a really simple yet important truth which can make you happier:

Don’t compare yourself to others.

The featured image shows a scene from the movie La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty) when the main character visits a gallery of someone, who has his photo taken by his father every day of his life.

Compare yourself with yesterday’s yourself. Why would you compare yourself with others in the first place? And who do you compare yourself with? More successful ones? How do you define success? How do you know if they are happy or fulfilled or anything about them? It makes no sense.

And why don’t you compare yourself with people who are less successful than you? Who have barely enough to eat, some have nothing. You always should be grateful for what you have. If you don’t wish for anything, you have arrived. Your life could be completely without stress. You’ll have more time as you will not chase useless goals. Focus on your useful and purposeful goals.


Look at people without judging them. Forget positive or negative judgement. Just look at life as it is. Did you know that you are nothing but memories in other people’s brains? And yet, you exists in your brain and seem to know exactly who you are. Don’t forget that others might see you completely differently. Ignore the others. Set your own purpose, follow the steps to achieve it. Ignore negativity and doubt and fear from anybody, even from yourself. Think and act positive. It’s so easy to react negatively to anything, however take a deep breath and think it trough. There is always a better or a different solution. Think out of the box.
If you look at others, look at them for inspiration. Why are they successful? What drives them? How did they achieve their goals?


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