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How to wake up easily in the morning – video

How to wake up easily in the morning
Today I’m sharing my experience of how to wake up early in the morning:
✅ Have a lot of energy
✅ Be relaxed
✅ Feel great, motivated

The biggest benefits are listed above and the easy way to be efficient and focused.

Tips for the morning
✅ Consistent sleeping time and wake-up time
✅ Consistent morning routine
✅ Cold showers (healthy, wakes you up like crazy + 1 secret benefit)
✅ Phone – far away from the bed or sleeping place

Tips for the evening
✅ No screen 2 hours before sleep
✅ No eating 3 hours before sleeping
✅ Sleep naked (Why? – shared in the video)

  • Bonus tips
    ✅ Plan your next day in advance
    ✅ Feel excited about the next day! If you are not, consider the suggestions mentioned in the video!

What is working for you?


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