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One secret step to feel great every day – video

✅ How to feel great every day – One secret step ✅

I could talk about the body
Eating a healthy and balanced diet
Exercising enough
Having enough sleep

However, today:
Let’s talk about the mind!

0:00 Channel Intro
0:25 How to feel great intro
0:44 Let’s talk about the mind
1:32 My secret step
1:43 First example: transforming mindset at workplace
2:59 Second example: overcome challenges in life (feeling sad, unmotivated)
4:41 Fascinating: we can change our mindset / mood immediately
7:02 Summary
8:36 Bloopers

Our body and mind are connected
90% of our illnesses are coming from the mind
Our bodies getting ill is just a symptom.
What is the underlying reason?
What could we do to feel great?


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