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How can you help the environment by drinking coffee differently


Just imagine how many people drink takeaway coffee in your workplace, on the street, on public transportation, in a car etc. Let’s take a simple number:one million. Now imagine all the waste of these throwaway coffee cups made of paper and plastic. Did you imagine a huge hill? Chances are, you are right with your estimation on how big this pile is.

How to care more for the environment

If we all pay a bit more attention to our surroundings we’ll leave Earth in a better condition to our children.
In the past, I was working in a huge office building which had an open space plan. During most evenings all the lights were left switched on, even when nobody was nearby. I have two concerns here. Someone is leaving home knowing (or not checking if) they are the last one to leave and leaving the lights on. I’m quite sure nobody would leave the lights on at home. Yes, it does use electricity, so imagine that leaving them on in the office is a problem on a lot bigger scale. Also I,’m not quite sure why are there no smart ways to verify if the lights are still needed. Companies who own these office buildings would also benefit from these, as switching the unnecessary lights off would reduce electricity costs and maintenancse costs as well.
Don’t forget to unplug your devices if you leave for a vacation. Left chargers in the power outlet consume very little energy, however still a good idea to unplug. Also it’s better to unplug your TV or expensive hi-fi ystem in order to protect them more from lightning etc.