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How to express your love – Love languages


If you would tell me a couple of years ago that I will read a book titled like “the five love languages” probably I would have laughed and asked why? However I found this book in my room at my parent’s place in Hungary and took it with me one time to Switzerland to store there for a few months until one day. It’s a book from 1995, however still actual and it’s still being sold, I have seen it in a book store. I’ve read the book in a couple of days. It extended my view on romantic relationships and a bit on life generally. The book explains why most marriages fail after a while and couples give up and divorce. Divorce rate is extremely high in most countries of the world. The reason: misunderstanding. Communication fails. Most people don’t express their needs for their partner as they expect that the other’s now it exactly. They think that the other is exactly thinking and feeling like they do. This is not true. Once we’ve realised this, we can move on and figure out what the other really wants, instead of pushing our expectations or views onto her / him.