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The focus better hack we all heard, but did we implement it?

The hack is: Switch off most of your notifications on your phone!

If you keep them on it’s gonna grab your attention and then you will pay attention to these notifications so my recommendation is to switch all of them off and in my life, this made a huge difference.

I only keep a couple of them I don’t have any youtube notifications, I don’t have notifications for all these applications because I know that I am bad at keeping my focus if I hear these notifications all the time.

For example, I would go on youtube and watch some interesting videos and get distracted and while these videos are interesting and cool if they don’t help me to reach my goals it’s a waste of time. I want to make sure that I only watch and consume that content that gives me the value that gives me back my time investments, of course, there’s a time for relaxing that I can watch anything but not during my working day.

I make sure that I’m doing very high focused work, so even most of the time

  • I  just put my phone on silent,
  • I only check my notifications in the breaks which I have and this way I can make sure that I don’t get distracted during work and this makes me so much more productive

The action for today is

  • Switch off a couple of notifications the ones you don’t need or
  • Uninstall one application that you don’t need in your life that you don’t need on your phone.

The biggest benefit

I can get done so much more of my activities each day.


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