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Waking up at 3:40 for 10 days is unbelievable: here’s why

Four years ago my whole life changed. It was a winter day in February and I was on my bike driving to work and I had to pull over after a few minutes because someone was calling me. It was my sister and she said she had some news.

She said my father had cancer and I was shocked and devastated because we all know what that means for all these years. 

I was fearing this moment. I had this fear and that moment came and the doctor said there’s nothing that could be done.

A year later I started meditating every single day. I’ve read the book getting things done and then accordingly set my vision. It was an extremely strong vision, I still have and write it down every single day. I started to work with my first coach on a perspective shift. My life turned absolutely around!

Do you also have these moments when something like that happens and then your whole life changes?

I know, I have a few of them and then what happened actually, is that there was surgery and my father was completely fine afterward. All the cancer was gone and we were so happy and glad and at the time.I’m not sure if I extremely appreciated this but I did spend for a while every month a week with him living in different countries, so I think I did what I could and fast forward to last summer. 

When I again received some news and cancer came back and now this time it was the liver and the doctor said nothing could be done.

He is too old he’s already 84 years old. We can not do anything and again we were shocked and devastated and this time really really hopeless. I visited him in September and basically, he was staying in the bed almost the whole day and he was very weak at 84 years old. We could talk a little bit not too much but at one point I said to him I love you and I think the next day he came into my room and

He said he loves me which I don’t remember him saying in the last 20 years. He also said I’m not giving up, I’m not giving up so I had this nice warm feeling of this really feeling this connection between us and really seeing the hope in his eyes.

Then he passed away on the 1st of December so my whole life changed again.

A few days later was the perfect time for me to sign up for a week-long retreat. The theme was to reexamine the question of life and death.

I would like to introduce you to one of my best friends (a skull). He’s called Buddy, I call him Buddy and I love him very much. He’s a good friend and he is a very good listener. He never argues. We can have fun together, we can mountain bike outside and way I like this skull because it reminds me of death. I think that’s a good thing because sometimes we might think that we live forever or we have a lot of time but

Time waits for no one!

Let’s move on let’s talk about the retreat so you go there eight of us were there with the monk and then you just wake up at 3: 40 every single day and then it depends what you do maybe you go out and walk in the snow for eight or nine hours. Actually, the hike is the correct term here because you hike up and down and the snow is like 50-80cm deep and there were points when you go up very steep and you have to use two wooden sticks otherwise you just slide back and we were sliding back a couple of times but then you try again and then 

You reach the mountain top and you stand there and there is such a good feeling after five-six hours of fighting and stepping and stepping, and doing it then you reach the top so that’s a great feeling.

We did hiking two times and then on the other days, we were building these beautiful wooden gates. Literally building and making the concrete and making this huge stuff and drilling and putting it together so of course we were meditating as well 24 hours a day and that’s the key takeaway here whatever we did.

It is meditation: it can be work it can be eating it can be talking with each other. It can be going out and hiking the whole day or it can be while sitting in a meditation pose. It’s not important what you do it’s important how you do it.

If you do it in a way that you are completely present at that moment 100 percent present then that’s such a great feeling then it’s worth doing it then you meditate and you feel good.

If you watch something and then eat meanwhile then you are not really there because part of your mind is eating part is watching something maybe another part is going out. Maybe that’s the most important thing for me in this whole retreat to be able to appreciate life to be able to focus better and be in the present moment. I no longer have these stressy ideas and thoughts my mind is very calm so now I have time and energy to really notice.
For example, the shadow which my banana plant is making on the wall or in the morning I was reading my affirmations and on the paper, I noticed the shadow of my fingers I never noticed it before.

Today I had a little walk after lunch and I was walking down the street I even listened to some podcasts but I still noticed this little cat sitting on one of the balconies enjoying the sunshine. I went on and I noticed that the top of the building was burnt. I don’t know what happened but it was burned a little bit as something came out of a window and something happened there. I noticed this interesting moment and I can be so much better present and I have a lot more energy as you can see in the last 10 days.

In the past two weeks, I’m always waking up at 3:40 and just to show you how many things I’m doing. My plan from yesterday it’s quite long and detailed. I did all the things except one and that thing I did today and of course. There were some optional things I did a couple of them the rest is planned. Basically, that’s life.

My whole life changed from the moment I passed through the gates to the monastery and from when I exited the gate and it keeps on changing.

I just did 14+ days of waking up early but I’m gonna do more and plan to do wake up every morning at 3:40 and do my meditation and my whole morning routine in a nice and peaceful way.

I highly recommend a meditation retreat like this

  1. Try it for a week if it’s not the week you could try 3-4 days
  2. Maybe let’s not start there start with 3 minutes a day I think that’s how I started
  3. If you start three minutes a day many magical things will happen in the future
  4. Things will change in a week in a month in a year and just imagine what happens in 10 years
  5. If you change something small today in your life to just better enjoy your life better able to be present in every single moment

If you change something small today in your life to just better enjoy your life better able to be present in every single moment.

I highly recommend re-examining the question of life and death every month. It will change your perspective!



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