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Writing my first book

The reason why I post less content is that I’m writing a book. To be honest, this is not the first book I’m writing, however, this will be the first one to be finished and published. The planned release date is on 15th of October 2018.

The book I’m writing covers similar topics as I explore in this blog. It is sometimes though to write about my life and open myself up however it is also a great feeling. I learn a lot about myself while writing the book, realizing things. I also find it very interesting to talk about the contents of the book with my friends and beta readers.

Do you feel exhausted, stuck in your life or career? Do you feel every day is the same without any meaning?

Let me help you to rethink some aspects of your life and guide you to connect with your inner self again. The topics in the book start with defining your goals leading you through different parts of your life like discipline, meditation, communication, nutrition, and exercises. I recommend that you change some of these factors, however, don’t worry, you don’t have to turn your whole life upside down. Climbing mount Everest starts with a small step. So start with one.

“It’s like an espresso shot.” – Daniela

Table of contents

Communicate effectively
Declutter your life
Let your body thrive

Check back on 15th of October or sign up for the newsletter and I’ll inform you.


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